Zac Efron, Taylor Lautner Score Fashion Wins At MTV Movie Awards

Peter Facinelli, Ryan Reynolds, Doug Reinhardt also best-dressed males.

Let's hear it for the boys! The Movie Awards definitely packed in some classy-looking ladies, but the men also added their own sense of haute-ness to the evening. With most choosing clean lines and fitted shirts, it was hard to narrow down who deserves to be singled out as the best dressed. OK, not that hard...

Peter Facinelli: Dr. Carlisle Cullen by day, leather-clad hottie by night. Facinelli, better known as the leader of the Cullen brood, looked as though he just stepped off a Harley and into the spotlight in black jeans, a motorcycle jacket and black All-Stars. He probably feels overshadowed by his younger male castmates (look a little further down the list), but the actor obviously knows how to bring his A-game when it matters.

Zac Efron: It's occurred to us that the "17 Again" star can really do no wrong when it comes to fashion. Seriously, is there anything out there that doesn't look absolutely fantastic on his svelte bod? Besides a hot-pink dress, we're guessing not. The former Wildcat showed up to the awards in a blazer, striped skinny tie and skinny jeans. While he played it safe, choosing to go with only muted shades of gray, his messy coif gave him just the right amount of swagger to accept his Best Male Performance trophy.

Taylor Lautner: He may have lost the Best Breakout Performance award to his equally swoon-worthy co-star Robert Pattinson, but Lautner still got our vote for Best Breakout Dresser. Wearing a killer smile, J Brand "Kane" jeans, a white T-shirt and a retro-chic black leather jacket, the actor is already giving us plenty of reasons to join Team Jacob. Bella Swan, er, Kristen Stewart, we so envy you.

Ryan Reynolds: We totally get you, Sandra Bullock. After checking out Reynolds' outfit — dress jeans and a fitted black shirt — we totally want him to propose to us too. The actor may be a complete ham when it comes to comedy, but on the red carpet, he demonstrated that with marriage (that lucky Scarlett!) comes the ability too look extremely dapper and mature. Van Wilder would be proud.

Doug Reinhardt: Setting aside "The Hills" star's womanizing ways for a second (ahem, Lauren Conrad, Amanda Bynes and now Paris Hilton — at least the dude's got game, right?), he really cleaned up in a look that gave us the inexplicable urge to blurt out, "You're money, baby." He may have come to the Movie Awards as Hilton's date, but in his polished gray pinstripe suit — which was completed with a baby-blue shirt, diagonal-striped tie and shiny black dress shoes — she looked to be showing him off rather than vice versa. Now that's money.

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