Official 'New Moon' Trailer: A Shot-By-Shot Analysis

'Twilight' fans get their first glimpse of Edward's departure, Jacob's wolf form and more.

The wait is over. The "New Moon" trailer has just debuted on the MTV Movie Awards telecast, and it's got tons of buzzworthy stuff for Stephenie Meyer fans to chew over.

Forget about birthdays, graduations and all that overrated holiday stuff; in the eyes of Twilighters worldwide, today is one of the most important days of the year. Naturally, MTV is celebrating this momentous movie moment with one of our patented shot-by-shot breakdowns. Read along, click play — and repeat. And while you're at it, turn on your video cameras and upload your reaction to [url id=""][/url].

Shot 1: A nice aerial view of the coast, over La Push beach. Pretty enough to rival any of Catherine Hardwicke's beautiful outdoor shots from the first film.

Shot 2: Bella's iconic truck pulls up in front of Charlie's house.

Shot 3: Bella looks into Edward's eyes: "It's my birthday. Can I ask you something?"

Shot 4: A close-up of Kristen Stewart: "Kiss me." How awesome is that arched eyebrow? Better watch out, Dwayne Johnson; KStew is muscling in on your territory!

Shot 5: Edward leans in. Look out, ladies!

Shot 6: Bella drops the bomb: "I love you." Is this next year's Best Kiss nominee?

Shot 7: With the stakes substantially raised, here comes the stuff you didn't see in our 15-second preview of the trailer. A contemplative Edward explains: "You're my only reason to stay ... alive. If that's what I am."

Shot 8: Here's the moment we've all been waiting for: the birthday scene! Alice (Ashley Greene) leads Bella down the stairs of the Cullen home, exclaiming, "It's time! It's time!" Wow, Dr. Cullen must be bringing in some serious doctor cash to afford all those candles!

Shot 9: We can see returning favorites Carlisle (Peter Facinelli), Emmett (Kellan Lutz), Rosalie (Nikki Reed) and Esme (Elizabeth Reaser) crowd around Bella to give her hugs and kisses. Alice stands in the background, snapping photos. Jasper (Jackson Rathbone) also stands at a distance, for a far different reason. "Happy birthday, Bella!" Esme exclaims. "Let's open your presents!"

Shot 10: "There's a cake too." Is there ever! Whoever made that thing needs to get themselves on that "Ace of Cakes" show, stat.

"New Moon" Trailer Freeze Frames

Shot 11: "Alice, that cake could feed 50!" Bella says. "You guys don't even eat." Take note of Jasper's hair in the background, as well as Rosalie's curls. Both look so much better than in the first movie, don't you think?

Shot 12: Alice hands over an innocent-seeming gift. Look out, Bella!

Shot 13: Unlucky number 13 brings us a pivotal moment in Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" universe. As she goes to open her gift, Bella slices open her finger, drawing blood.

Shot 14: The klutzy Bella throws down her gift, raises her finger and utters three words you do not want to say around vampires: "Ow, paper cut."

Shot 15: A few drops of blood fall onto the Cullen's floor, all over their nice Berber carpet!

Shot 16: And this is why you don't want to bleed around the Cullens. Springing to life for the first time in the series, we finally see why struggling-vegetarian Jasper has kept his distance from Bella. He runs in super-slo-mo toward the camera.

Shot 17: Edward looks up to see his bloodthirsty brother approaching, as a look of fear washes across his face. Bella doesn't even have time to notice.

Shot 18: With his superhuman speed, Edward shoves Bella out of the way, into the table.

Shot 19: Edward shoves Jasper toward the other end of the room, sending him flying through the air and crashing down into a piano. Wow, home-furnishing salesmen in Forks are going to make a bundle after this party!

Shot 20: Bella looks up in horror; Edward seems like he's about to cry. "What happened with Jasper was nothing," she insists.

Shot 21: Back in the woods, Edward lays down the law. "[It was] nothing compared to what could have happened. I promise to never put you through anything like this again."

Shot 22: Bella looks on at an anguished Edward. "This is the last time you'll ever see me," he says. Take a look at RPattz's face — damn, that's some acting!

Shot 23: Edward gives Bella one last kiss on the forehead ... and then he's gone.

Shot 24: Realizing her predicament, Bella is alone in the woods. She lies down on the ground, clutching the dirt, breathing heavily.

Shot 25: Edi Gathegi in the house! "How much could you mean to him if he left you here?" the vampire Laurent asks, his red eyes ablaze much more effectively than how we saw the vamps in the last movie. "Unprotected." Remember how Laurent was all conflicted and happy to help the Cullens in the first film? Yeah, he ain't doing that anymore.

Shot 26: As Bella stands in a clearing, Laurent circles her like a dog eyeballing a chew toy. "But I can't help myself. You are so ... mouth-watering!" I can already imagine that catchphrase on a million T-shirts.

Shot 27: As Laurent caresses her hair, Bella gets ready to become lunch. Keep in mind that at this point in the film, both she and Edward (who is far, far away) are so despondent that they're almost suicidal.

Shot 28: Whoa, what's Fabio doing in this movie? No, wait — it's none other than Taylor Lautner, the little Jacob from the first film showing off his newly acquired 30 pounds of muscle.

Shot 29: The newly jacked Jacob springs into action as Laurent raises his hands to Bella. When we interviewed Gathegi recently, he told us that this encounter with workout buddy Lautner was his favorite "New Moon" scene. Note that although Bella is in danger, it appears as though Jacob took the time to put his shirt back on before coming to her rescue. Maybe he burns easily, and the sun is a bit strong.

Shot 30: The anticipation builds as Laurent hesitates and Bella takes off.

Shot 31: Bella runs toward Jacob, screaming what sounds like, "Jake! Run!" But she doesn't know that the money shot is coming, and sure enough, we get our first glimpse of Jacob in all his shape-shifting glory. Turning into a wolf, he leaps over Bella and in front of Laurent. Check out the shreds of clothing, falling to the ground around him. Coolness.

Shot 32: As Jacob lets out a ferocious roar, the title card washes across the screen: "The Twilight Saga: New Moon." You may now proceed with your "OME" shrieks.

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