New Dr. Dre Music Emerges In Dr Pepper Commercial

Unfinished version of song, featuring T.I., leaked onto Internet earlier this year.

Almost 10 years ago on the "Up in Smoke" tour, we saw [artist id="1061"]Dr. Dre[/artist] drinking cognac onstage, and he announced a line of cognac and vodka drinks last year. A few years ago, he did a Coors Light commercial. Now the production legend has moved onto a lighter drink of choice: Dr Pepper.

Dre appears in a new Dr Pepper commercial, in which he takes over things at an outdoor party. The Doc walks in and tells viewers in a voiceover, "Scientific tests prove when you drink Dr Pepper slow, the 23 flavors taste even better. For me, slow always produces a hit." He adds later, "Slower is better — trust me, I'm a doctor."

Dre then makes his way over to the DJ booth, where the guy on the wheels of steel is playing a techno beat that the Compton native doesn't seem to be feeling. Dre politely tells the DJ to "step aside" from the turntables and throws on one of his beats, a track that was made during the Detox recording sessions with co-producers the Buchanans, a rep for the Buchanans told MTV News.

The track used in the commercial leaked onto the Internet in February and was labeled "Topless." A source told MTV news that the song is officially titled "Sh-- Popped Off." The song features [artist id="1225081"]T.I.[/artist] referencing Dre's raps: "It's the D.R. ... Made the West side worldwide, no PR/ Gangsta-rap God, I'm the end-all, be-all/ California love from the Bloods to the C-Dogs."

In March, when asked by MTV News about the song, Tip declined to confirm his work with Dre.

"I heard about that," Tip said coyly about the track, which is expected to appear on Detox. "Did I really reference vocals for Dr. Dre? Did Dr. Dre confirm I referenced vocals for Dr. Dre? I cannot confirm or deny my involvement with the Detox project, but if I had the chance to work with the great Dr. Dre, it would be an honor and a privilege, and definitely be a pivotal moment and highlight of my career."

Meanwhile, Dre continues to work on Detox. 50 Cent and Eminem appeared on BET's "106 and Park" this week and said Dre has completed 10 songs for the project.