Kara DioGuardi Thinks Adam Lambert 'Was Always Openly Out'

'American Idol' judge tells 'The View' that Lambert never hid his sexuality.

As if the pictures of Adam Lambert kissing other men and his not-so-veiled allusions about having nothing to hide weren't enough of a clue, it seems "American Idol" judge Kara DioGuardi has gone ahead and spilled the beans on the "Idol" runner-up's worst-kept "secret."

According to ABC News, while Lambert has been telling the world to "keep speculating" about his sexuality, in an interview that will air on Friday's "The View," DioGuardi seemed to say that no speculation is necessary.

Asked by host Barbara Walters if Lambert's "perceived sexuality" might have influenced voters, DioGuardi said, "Well, first of all, I hope not ... because we should be judging on talent and viability in the music industry, and [Lambert and Allen] both had that."

She then added the surprisingly frank comment, "I don't think that Adam was ever in [the closet]. I think he was always openly out."

Though Lambert has, in fact, never openly said whether he is gay and has deflected repeated questions from reporters about it by saying he knows who he is, Walters repeated the question to DioGuardi about whether she thought the 27-year-old musical theater vet was truly out.

"I think he was," DioGuardi said. "I mean from what I've seen ... I do. I never thought he wasn't."

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