Seth Rogen's Pot-Smoking 2008 Movie Awards Stunt Was Only Half-Baked

'MTV Movie Awards Confidential' reveals that he and James Franco weren't supposed to light the 'fake' joint.

The idea made total sense: [movieperson id="262582"]Seth Rogen[/movieperson] and [movieperson id="264077"]James Franco[/movieperson] were starring in the summer's baked-out action flick, [movie id="330674"]"Pineapple Express,"[/movie] as stoners on the run from a murderous marijuana dealer. So when the two actors were set to come out onstage during the 2008 MTV Movie Awards to deliver the Golden Popcorn statue for Best Summer Movie So Far, why not have them pull out a monstrous bag of fake weed and light up a joint? Crispy comedy gold, right?

We pitched the bit to Rogen and Franco, who couldn't quite believe MTV was going to let them fire up a spliff on live TV, and they were immediately onboard. Then the suits at Standards & Practices got pungent wind of the plan.

"I had gone up to Standards and begged them to at least let [Rogen] pull it out but not light it, and they said they'd be fine with that," said Robin Reinhardt-Locke, an MTV celebrity talent executive.

Unfortunately, Rogen never heard that the script had been changed until he arrived backstage at the show. "He goes, 'Well, I'm gonna smoke weed on stage,' " head writer Jordan Rubin recalled. "And I'm on the headphones like, 'He said he's gonna smoke weed onstage.' And I'm hearing from the truck, 'Well, tell him we're cutting to black.' I'm like, 'They said they're cutting to black.' And he's like, 'Then cut to black.' "

Out onstage, Rogen and Franco told the crowd they'd never smoked pot before and that they smoked fake stuff on the "Pineapple" set. Rogen then whipped out a fat plastic bag. "It was like this big huge bag of weed right here — this is not weed," he said, reaching over to light a joint for Franco, at which point the camera cut away to a wide shot of the stage.

Viewers could then only hear, not see, what was taking place. "We're not really smoking a big fatty joint from this giant bag of fake weed live on television right this second," Rogen said, coughing into the mic.

"To this day, I have no idea if that was real marijuana or it wasn't," executive producer Mark Burnett said. "I have no clue what it was. It doesn't matter. ... [It was] another very funny MTV Movie Awards pop-culture moment."

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