Kris Allen, Adam Lambert Downplay 'American Idol' Voting Controversy

The pair also performed during their 'Today' show appearance.

Kris Allen and Adam Lambert stopped by the "Today" show on Thursday (May 28) to sing and chat. They also dispelled any voting-conspiracy rumors in light of Wednesday's media flare-up regarding Allen watch parties in Arkansas, at which AT&T employees allegedly helped the "American Idol" winner's fans power-text votes for their guy.

Speaking to host Natalie Morales, the pair were, as usual, chummy and complimentary, hugging each other as the crowd screamed their names. "This is what we kind of do this for — come out here and sing for people. It's nice not to be judged anymore," Allen, 23, said of the less pressure-filled media tour the pals are on now.

"It's been really exciting, exhausting and surreal at the same time," said Lambert, who looked a bit tired after a week of nearly nonstop interviews, performances and appearances. Allen said the pair have been on the run since the show ended May 20, and he said he's looking forward to going home and spending some time with family.

Asked by co-host Meredith Vieira what changes he's seen since being crowned the eighth "Idol" champ last week, Allen cited the lack of sleep, lots of travel and very little privacy. "It's not too bad, though," he laughed when Vieira joked about the crowds of screaming girls that accompany the two wherever they go now.

Lambert said the biggest change he's noticed is a lot of people who've come out of the woodwork for the first time in years, trying to contact him since his nearly flawless run on the show. "Some that I'd like to, some that, uh ... now you wanna be my friend — OK!" he laughed. While Vieira didn't ask the by-now-familiar query about Lambert's sexuality, the singer addressed the question (kind of) in an interview with People magazine earlier in the week. "Keep speculating," he told the mag.

Allen, who married his longtime girlfriend Katy, eight months ago, said his wife is handling his new teen-idol fame very well. "She's happy for me, and this is what she wanted for me from a long time ago," he said. "She's super cool." He also reiterated that he believed Lambert should have won and that the two of them had discussed before the finale that it didn't matter to them who came out on top.

See Adam And Kris On The 'Today' Show

"The bottom line is that we're such different artists that there's really no way to directly compete," Lambert said, glossing over Vieira's crack about their budding bromance. "It was more of a competition within yourself. We were competing with ourselves and doing our personal best, and it was up to America, and I'm really happy Kris won. He's super talented."

Referring to "TextGate," the term coined by late-night host Jimmy Fallon to describe the AT&T controversy, Allen said he wasn't bothered by the conspiracy theories. " 'American Idol' kind of gets you ready for this stuff," Allen said. "People are going to criticize you no matter what, and I had nothing to do with this. I just got up there and sang. I didn't call up AT&T and say, 'Hey, I need some more votes.' "

Known for his own theatrical flair, Lambert also brushed off the non-troversy, saying he rolled his eyes about it when he was told. "I think people are just looking for something to be dramatic about," he said. "I really think people need to relax and just accept that this is the way the vote went. ... Move forward. We get to make albums now; we get to tour all summer. There's not a conspiracy, people. Relax."

Lambert also took the time to deny rumors that he's thinking about joining classic rockers Queen, following his triumphant duet with Allen on the band's "We Are the Champions" during the finale. He said he's just going to concentrate on making his own album for now, though he'd love to sing with them any time.

Both then performed on the plaza outside the "Today" studios, with Allen reprising his acoustic take on Kanye West's "Heartless" and the "Idol" winner's song "No Boundaries," while Lambert gave the assembled crowd another taste of his signature cover of Tears for Fears' "Mad World."

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