Fans Brave The Elements To See Kris Allen, Adam Lambert On 'Today' Show

The 'American Idol' winner and runner-up performed fan favorites for Thursday-morning appearance.

NEW YORK — Fans of Kris Allen and Adam Lambert braved all sorts of elements at Rockefeller Plaza Thursday morning (May 28) to see their respective American Idols perform on the "Today" show.

They didn't just endure the occasional spritz from the heavens, but also an endless interview with the old bitty who tried to off Gerald Ford, as well as a story about how popular hugging is lately. Regardless, the vibe in the pit was quite celebratory, even though everyone was running on very little sleep and too many sugary breakfast pastries. The Kris and Adam fans got along as well as Hota Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford — on the surface things were happy-go-lucky, but you could tell that as soon as they were in the privacy of their own minivans, the disses would fly fast and loose.

In the fan-made-sign contest, Lambert won handily. One Photoshop-literate Glambert composited Adam's mug on an Obama campaign sign with the caption "Range We Can Believe In." The best Kris Allen sign read, "Ain't No Sunshine Unless Kris Allen Is Singing." Given the overcast skies all morning, her sign was factually inaccurate, so she automatically loses.

As for the applause? It was a close competition. During soundcheck, the Lambert lovers erupted after almost every line of "Mad World," while claps for Allen were reserved until after he wrapped the acoustic cover of Kanye West's "Heartless."

See Adam And Kris On The 'Today' Show

Performance-wise, they both sounded fantastic. Allen's first song, "Heartless," was anything but. It may have been super early in the morning, but he connected beautifully to the tune. Ditto for the "Idol" winner's single, "No Boundaries," which he's finally starting to own. Lambert, meanwhile, busted out a delectable "Mad World." Would we expect anything less from either of them?

All battle talk aside, the guys legitimately seem to like and support each other. While Kris warmed up, Adam stopped signing autographs, so he could watch (and groove). Kris clearly made googly eyes back at Adam ("in the godly way," as Danny Gokey might say). Later, while Adam crooned "Mad World," Kris strummed his guitar and sang along backstage.

Team Kradam for the win!

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