David Cook Says 'American Idol' Didn't Change His Musical Goals

'I just want to write music that is therapeutic for me, because that's why I started writing music,' he tells MTV News.

Since winning "American Idol" last season, [artist id="3080428"]David Cook[/artist] has been finding his own way in the music world. But in the midst of his current Declaration Tour, Cook returned to the "Idol" stage for the season-eight finale last Wednesday.

"I love being there," he said. "It's such a family atmosphere. ... With everything going on and everything being so crazy with the tour, it was nice to just feel like I came home for a second."

Cook continues to work closely with the charity Accelerate Brain Trust Cure on behalf of his late brother Adam, to whom he dedicated his finale performance of "Permanent." All of the proceeds from the iTunes download of "Permanent" will go to the charity.

Reliving his own "Idol" finale experience in a way, Cook credited Adam Lambert and Kris Allen for being phenomenal performers and stand-up guys. "America couldn't get it wrong," he said. Cook recalled how his own finale had been built up as an epic rivalry, despite the camaraderie he developed with runner-up David Archuleta.

He also focused on one really important aspect of the competition: "Lambert and I both have that side-swoop-bang thing going on, so there's that. I guess Kris and Archie have similar haircuts too. It's all about the hair, guys."

As far as his career is concerned, Cook wants to continue to tour and record as much as possible and perhaps delve into writing songs for other artists. Winning "Idol" was an epic moment in his musical journey, but it didn't change his aspirations.

"The goals that I have for myself now, musically, are the same goals I had for myself 10 years ago," he said. "I just want to write music that is therapeutic for me, because that's why I started writing music. And also, I want to write music that people can pull what they need to from it."

As far as his dream songwriting collaborators are concerned, one person is at the top of his list: "I have a dream person I'd like to write with, and that's Paul McCartney. Sir Paul McCartney, I should say. ... Paul, if you're ever looking for an intern, I'm available."

Cook will be making stops across the country through mid-October.

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