Irv Gotti Likes It When Nas Is 'Ignorant'

Plus: Datwon Thomas moves on from XXL, in Mixtape Daily.

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[url id=""]Irv Gotti[/url] had grand plans for Nas several years ago when he announced his fellow Queens native would be signing to Murder Inc. Records. Well, we all know Nas never came to the Inc., but I.G. says he's remained tight friends with Esco and the two may even work together again. Gotti is still a fan of Nas' music, but he prefers it when he keeps his raps simple.

"I like Nas," Gotti said. "First of all, Nas is my brother — another one of my brothers. But I personally like Nas when he's ignorant. Whenever Nas gets political or he starts thinking or he wants to change the world, it's good, but I personally like it more when Nas is on his QB, ignorant n---a sh--. When he's on [a] 'Made You Look' [vibe]. When he's on his arrogant sh--. When Nas dumbs himself down, he's nicer to me. I tell him that sh-- all the time. ... When he's on some n---a sh--, he's nicer."

However, Irv is the last one to try and give the mic legend advice on his marital woes.

"I was with him yesterday," Gotti explained. "Me and Nas is family ... No, I didn't even talk to him [about Kelis]. I gotta steer clear of that. That's that man's personal feelings. I'm there for him. If he wanna go out, party, chill — I'm a phone call away."

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A lot of people out there call themselves journalists, but Datwon Thomas is someone you should never question. Homie has credentials galore. The founder of King and the Web site recently stepped down as the editor in chief of XXL. We already know Datwon has a bunch of things up his sleeve, and we just found out that he is the new COO and editor in chief of the Russell Simmons-backed He told us that it was tough to leave the magazine, but he's excited for his next move.

"It was definitely a hard decision, but it opens up the door for a new beginning," he explained.

Datwon said that his highlights at the publication over the past year have included the Freshman 10 cover as well as the recent cover featuring Eminem as the Punisher.

"More than likely it's gonna be some fly stuff," he said about what he plans to bring to his next position. "I think if people check my résumé, a lot of things I've been with have been successful and really well. I look forward to seeing what I'mma do too. I'm a fan of me."

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