Cam'ron Relishes 'Competition' From Rival Crew

Plus: Pitbull promises 'a lot of surprises' on his upcoming album, in Mixtape Daily.

Apologies for no main pick Monday. Hey, guys, we were on vacation like most of you! Even the diligent duo (a trio, whenever J. Rod comes through) need a break sometime. But we promise we'll make up for it during the next few days. And next Monday, we have a blockbuster. So there it is. A little bit of Pitbull, some Killa Cam and on Wednesday, we're gonna get ignorant!Don't Sleep: Necessary NotablesMixtape: The Last Dragon

Executive Producer: Duke Da God

Conspicuously Absent: Hell Rell, J.R. Writer and Freekey Zekey are on the mixtape. Would have loved to see Jim Jones and Juelz, but we heard you, Cam — no reunion.

Starring: Cam'ron, Lil Wayne and others

Essential Info: Duke included the Cam'ron and Jadakiss record "Let's Talk About It" on his mixtape, although you didn't get the duet on Cam's Crime Pays album. At least not yet. Cam is planning to re-release the album in July with a couple of new tracks. The new version will coincide with the release of his movie "The Bakery." This summer, he also says to look for the U.N.'s debut.

"U.N. album, it was supposed to come out August 5th, but I wanna come out around the same time as some people I'm in competition with," he explained to us. "I wanna wait for their date and put that [U.N.] album out the same date their album comes out."

When asked what rival crew he was talking about, Killa declined to say.

"Whatever date you see the U.N. album and somebody else's coming out, you'll get a whiff of [who I'm talking about]. I hear [the other crew's] coming out September or something. If I don't get no whiff of when the album is coming out, then we'll stick to our original date and put the U.N. album out, like, August 5th or August 12th. Then I'm putting out another [solo] album in December, definitely."

So far, Cam's prized member of the U.N. is fellow Harlem native Vado. "Vado got a lot of hits. We got a few other acts we working with," Killa said. "To keep it 100, Vado got the streets in a smash, and Harlem, he's got an unbelievable buzz. Everybody in Harlem already know what it is. He's got the 'hood in a frenzy. I'm trying to bring the next new stuff out."

Mixtape: Sh---in' on the Industry

Starring: Pitbull

100 Percent Fronter Proof: "Watch It Drop," "Cocaine Cowboy" (he raps from the perspective of the coke!) and "Dope Ball"

Essential Info: Yeah, Pit's mixtape title is arrogant as hell, but Chico always has a reason to smile. Pit is one of the bona fide kings of the club. Every year, you can expect Pit to drop at least a couple of monsters that reach past the urban soil and crush the Latin and mainstream markets. You heard his songs all throughout "Fast & Furious.

Now that he's free from TVT Records, Pit said there's nothing holding him back. Pit's LP Rebelution is set for either August or September.

"This album is gonna be just the way I'm seeing things," he said. "Whether it be hip-hop, the world, whether it be just my city in general, you're gonna see I have a lot of different takes on this album. I didn't know if I wanted to do a double album, give them a whole album of different types of records — conscious records on one end, then the whole club, high-energy on one end. There's a whole lot of things I want to say that I been holding back, because I felt the last label couldn't really handle what I had to bring to the table.

Who's next and who dominates — right here, all week long!.

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"It's gonna be a lot of surprises," he added. "I'm not the beef type. I'm not here to catch beef, so some exec can live it up. If I'mma catch beef, I'm gonna catch it with some exec. And it's gonna be the truth."

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