'Land Of The Lost' Stars Will Ferrell, Danny McBride Go Wild With Animals

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A ferocious, agile T. rex; a giant, glowing mosquito with a seemingly unquenchable thirst for human blood; and a gang of bug-eyed, reptilian baddies called Sleestaks: These are just some of the wackadoodle creatures [movieperson id="190407"]Will Ferrell[/movieperson] and [movieperson id="314365"]Danny McBride[/movieperson] encounter in their big-screen adaptation of the psychedelic '70s TV show "Land of the Lost."

As if all those beasts weren't enough, when MTV News had the chance to chat with the two comedians, we decided to throw a couple more crazy creatures their way and see what happened. Predictably, it was chaos — sweet, hilarious chaos.

First up was a family of tortoises. "Look at these jerks!" laughed McBride.

"I hate to start off on this note, but they are delicious!" Ferrell declared.

From there, the conversation turned to the topic of the best way to cook a turtle (Deep-fried! In a Happy Meal!). But then Ferrell began to see the connection between the reptiles and his co-star.

"It does remind me a little bit of Danny, in the sense that [there's a] hard outer shell, but inside — sensitive, delicious, tender meat," he deadpanned, before using the turtle as an exercise weight to work his shoulders and chest.

Ever the animal expert, Ferrell informed us, "They make great pets, if you want a pet that gives you no enjoyment whatsoever."

He might have picked up a tip or two playing Rick Marshall, a celebrity paleontologist ostracized from the scientific community for his nutty theories about time travel. A woman named Holly (Anna Friel) convinces Marshall to continue pursuing his research. The two of them, as well as surly gas-station owner/ amateur survivalist Will (McBride), are accidentally sucked into an alternate dimension. Cue those dinosaurs, freakish bugs and Sleestaks.

In fact, we brought a vaguely Sleestak-looking iguana onto the L.A. soundstage-turned-jungle during our chat. But the slithery green iguana was no match for a monkey that had previously appeared in Demi Moore's "Striptease."

Ferrell accused the monkey of having capped teeth and asked McBride how much he'd have to be paid to give her a bath.

"It'd have to be a lot of money," McBride responded. "Like 25 bucks."

Before the interview was over, a massive Burmese python showed up and scared the crap out of everyone. "You should wrap it around your neck, see what happens!" McBride encouraged.

"No problem!" Ferrell said, hoisting the creature over his head and then describing the sensation. "Imagine a travel pillow that's cutting off circulation to your brain!"

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