Bikini Girl Slams 'American Idol' Judge Kara DioGuardi

'She just made herself look stupid; she didn't make me look stupid,' Katrina Darrell says of finale stunt.

For one brief moment during Wednesday night's "American Idol" finale, it seemed as if Kara DioGuardi and Katrina "Bikini Girl" Darrell had settled their feud when they performed Mariah Carey's "Vision of Love" together.

However, on Friday (May 22), Darrell gave an interview slamming DioGuardi for baring her bikini at the end of their performance. "I don't think she got the reaction she was hoping for. I think she probably thought I would cry or get mad, and I didn't — I played it off," Darrell told "Looking back at the tape, she just made herself look stupid; she didn't make me look stupid."

Darrell also claimed that "Idol" producers cut off her mic when DioGuardi surprised her onstage. "I knew there were 100 million viewers, so I couldn't cry," she said. "I couldn't get mad. I just had to smile and deal with it. The show producers kind of said, 'I'm sorry.' I think they tested me. I think I did really well, considering all that I went through."

After the show, Darrell said her little sister had a nasty run-in with DioGuardi backstage. "We were walking, and [Kara] said, 'Oh, sweetie, I hope you didn't take anything personally,' " Darrell recalled. "I rolled my eyes, and my sister said, 'Hey, next time you try to upstage my sister, get a spray tan! How old are you — 45 or 50?' I looked back and shrugged. She kind of said what I was thinking but couldn't say!"

As for who looked better in a bikini, Darrell said: "Well, I'm not 50 years old, and I do spray tan!"

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