Fall Out Boy Rock, Hand Out Octo-Drives On 'Today' Show

'We had people put their Twitter name [on a T-shirt]' to win, Pete Wentz says.

The guys in [artist id="1235716"]Fall Out Boy[/artist] have always been multitaskers of the highest order (especially that Wentz guy), but even they might have outdone themselves this time.

On Friday (May 22), while they performed a tight three-song set on the "Today" show, they were also scanning the crowd for fans in homemade T-shirts, because two of those Fall Out fanatics would be walking away with one of those limited-edition FOB/ Mark Hoppus "Octo-Drives" they've been handing out in various clandestine ways (including getting MTV News in on the action).

Fall Out Boy Perform On The 'Today' Show

"We had people put their Twitter name [on a T-shirt] and give us the best reason for us to follow them on Twitter," Pete Wentz told "Today" host Matt Lauer in between performances. "And then we have a USB drive, and we're gonna pick two winners specifically from the show today. And who knows? They might get followed on Twitter."

That announcement drew squeals of joy from the crowd — most of whom were wearing Sharpie-marked white tees — and a rather puzzled look from Lauer. And then it was back to the performing: Fall Out Boy launched headlong into "What a Catch, Donnie," a subdued and pretty ballad that showcased frontman Patrick Stump's midrange and guitarist Joe Trohman's skillful picking.

That was about the only quiet moment of the entire performance, though. FOB also blasted through a pair of older hits — "Dance, Dance" and "Thnks fr th Mmrs" — which brimmed with energy: Wentz popping and locking (and pulling out some 360s) and drummer Andy Hurley mashing in chaotically measured beats. The crowd squealed with delight — and, per Wentz's Tweeted requests — they showered the "Today" show stage with their homemade T-shirts, so FOB could pick a pair of winners.

Even more multitasking. These dudes never stop!