Hilary Duff Held Her Own '80s-Themed Prom

'We just danced all night to the Cure,' actress says of DIY party.

It's May — you know what that means. It's getting warm, the flowers are blooming and the time-honored tradition of prom is back again. So get your corsages, turn up the cheesy music and fuel the limos, because this week we're catching up with your favorite stars and helping them relive their prom memories.

[artist id="1231896"]Hilary Duff[/artist] was already a working actress when her prom season rolled around, which meant she wasn't in a real high school that had a real prom. Despite already being a red-carpet fixture, she felt like she was missing out on a key milestone.

"I was homeschooled, so I didn't go to a regular prom," she told MTV News. "But I felt like I missed out a little bit."

To remedy the situation, Duff decided to have a DIY prom with her best friends. "My girlfriends and my sister, we threw an '80s prom party," she explained. "So we all went out and got, like, vintage prom dresses and they all had to be under $80 and we looked like big, funny cupcakes."

Not only did they embrace the decade's decadent fashion, they also cranked up some classic '80s tunes on their boom boxes. "We just danced all night to the Cure. We had fun. We had our own prom."

We'll have lots more celebrity prom stories rolling out throughout the week (and check out even more celebrity prom coverage on the MTV Buzzworthy blog)!