Leighton Meester Can't See Blair Waldorf With Anyone But Chuck Bass

'They're never actually broken up,' 'Gossip Girl' star says of her tumultuous onscreen romance.

Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass have always had a very passionate and tumultuous relationship on "Gossip Girl." With season two ending with Chuck traveling the world to collect treasures for Blair to prove he cares for her, it does seem that, at least for now, these two are trying to make it work.

"I mean, that's pretty romantic. I think he knows now what he wants. They're done with high school, so any drama associated with that is sort of gone," [movieperson id="307728"]Leighton Meester[/movieperson] (a.k.a. Blair) told MTV News. "I mean, I think I'm pretty satisfied with what happened. I was really happy when I knew they kind of ended up together at the end of this season."

But Meester also warned fans that although things seem great in the world of Blair and Chuck, that doesn't mean they'll have a picture-perfect ending: "It's still kind of a cliffhanger 'cause ... every other episode they're back [together], they're not, they're back. But now I feel like it's more official and he's willing to admit his feelings and she is too. That's a relationship I really like a lot."

She added that the couple have a "fun dynamic." "Them together just seems so real. I mean, he loves her," she said. "The point is you love to hate him. You hate to love him. And he's such a very definitive character and he's always changing too. He's awesome."

So, if things don't work out again between Blair and Chuck, what guy would she want to see with her? Well, none! "Every time she breaks up with Chuck I don't want to see her with anybody. They're never actually broken up; she still pines over him. I think, from my point of view, a tumultuous relationship is an unhealthy one, and for them to be together it's going to take work. But they might just fight and break up and get back together. They seem like that kind of couple."

She may not know what will happen with Chuck, but she does have some predictions about her own character. "I don't think Blair's losing her queen-bee status just yet," she said, adding that she would like to see her lose something else. "I think we might retire the headbands. ... To me, it's always been where she's at in her life. Maybe she'll start wearing them to regress."