Cool & Dre Move On From Christina Milian, Work With Lady Gaga

'It's giving me and Cool a chance to showcase our ability,' Dre says of working with big collaborators, in Mixtape Daily.

Behind the Beats: Cool & Dre

It must feel great to be hate-free. Even though he and Christina Milian are no longer making beautiful music together — personally or professionally — Dre of the production duo Cool & Dre says he's OK with her moving on.

"I think it's gonna be a good fit for her," Dre said of her pair-up with The-Dream.

"His pen is amazing, especially when it comes to writing records for females," Dre added. "If he does a majority of the album, it's gonna be big. We have nothing but love for Christina. I know people may wanna throw all kind of stuff out there [about our relationship], but we've got nothing but love for her and her family. We wish her the best and we're definitely looking forward to what she's got going on. The last record we did with her did pretty well — top 20 on the charts, 'Say I' with Young Jeezy. But Dream is a hell of a songwriter, Tricky Stewart is a hell of a producer. I'm sure she'll be alright."

Cool & Dre are doing damn good these days as well — the two have invested a hefty sum of cash into a new studio, Lake Oasis, in North M.I.A. It's actually a luxury home converted into a music lab — on a lake.

"We're gonna make it so when the artists come down to Miami, they're going to have to come here," Cool smiled. Amenities aside, MCs such as Young Jeezy and the Game get beats from the two because there are so many different ways the Florida natives can attack you sonically. They can come as hard as Albert Pujols home-run swing (like on Ja Rule's "New York") or supply the soul (as they did on the Game's "Hate it or Love It" and Jay Rock's "All My Life").

"Musically, I don't wanna say we've made our mark in hip-hop. There's people before us that have accomplished way more. Cool and I feel as though we've grown a lot from what we're known for and we continue to still make music like that. We worked with Jeezy on his next album, we've submitted records for T.I., but we feel as though this is an important time," Dre explained.

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They've given Lil Wayne a bunch of records for his always-evolving Rebirth LP and have cooked up Queen Latifah's next album in its entirety. Lloyd and Justin Timberlake's new rock group Free Sol are also on their to-do list ... and don't be surprised if you hear that the fellas are collaborating with Bon Jovi. Right now, though, they're excited about Wale's "Chillin'," featuring Lady Gaga.

"She's, like, on a rocket to space right now," Cool said about the pop siren. "Just jump in and let's take it up there."

"We did a good three or four records on Wale, who we feel is exceptionally talented," Dre added. "It's giving me and Cool a chance to showcase our ability."

Family Reunion?

In a recent interview posted on the Internet, Dirt had horrible things to say about the producers. However, the duo harbor no animosity toward him. ""Dirtbag is a member of our family and we love him," Cool said about their former signee.

"I have nothing ill to say about him. We love him," Dre added. Whatever situation that led him to do what he did ... we understand when things aren't going your way, you get frustrated. Unfortunately it was a public frustration. But we understand. Cool and I aren't into back and forth. If Dirtbag was to come here right now, we'd have open arms."

Patiently Waiting

The Duo have three acts they are putting out on their own Epidemic Music — rapper C-Ride, a female group called Hot Revolver that Dre calls a "Apollonia 6 type" and rock group 11-11, with a lead singer will remind you of Steve Perry from Journey.

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From 2005 to present, when they worked on such LPs as Tha Carter III, All or Nothing and The Documentary.