Fergie Channeled 'Jessica Rabbit' With Her Prom Dress

Black Eyed Peas singer was working a very different look on 'American Idol.'

It's May — you know what that means. It's getting warm, the flowers are blooming and the time-honored tradition of prom is back again. So get your corsages, turn up the cheesy music and fuel the limos, because this week we're catching up with your favorite stars and helping them relive their prom memories.

This week, we've heard about all kinds of crazy prom fashion memories. Whether it was Whitney Port's gold dress, Stephanie Pratt's daring fashion choices that got her into trouble or Lo Bosworth's Laguna Beach-style couture, the prom is definitely known for its fashion.

And although these days it may seem like [artist id="2413819"]Fergie[/artist] is channeling Princess Leia with the metal, clawed glove she wore on "American Idol" Wednesday night, back in the day Los Angeles area native Fergie was inspired by a very glamorous cartoon vixen for her prom look.

"I wore a lot of sequins, a lot of sequins," she told MTV News about her prom-dress memories. "I had this one dress that I designed. It was red, all the way down to the floor with a slit."

She continued that the look was very sexy because "it was all red sequins." Perhaps inspired by "Who Framed Roger Rabbit," she added, "I wanted to look like Jessica Rabbit!"

We'll have lots more celebrity prom stories rolling out throughout the week (and check out even more celebrity prom coverage on the MTV Buzzworthy blog)!