'Gossip Girl' Star Chace Crawford Talks 'Footloose'

'I don't know if I will be [the new Kevin Bacon],' Crawford says.

NEW YORK — Just a day after it was confirmed that Chace Crawford will star in the "Footloose" remake, MTV News caught up with the "Gossip Girl" star to get the scoop on what it's like to take over for Kevin Bacon.

"Well, I don't know if I will be [the new Kevin Bacon] or not. It's a different film," he said at the CW network's upfronts in on Thursday. "It's gonna be great. I met [Kevin Bacon], actually, and it's gonna be good."

He jokingly added that during that meeting, Bacon gave the "GG" star his blessing to fill his dancing shoes. "Yes, yes, he brought out this little thing of oil. It was really weird and, like, it just dripped down ever so slightly," he said. "It was cool."

The most "GG" fans have seen of Crawford dancing is just a little bit of slow-dancing at school parties, so a lot of people are wondering if Crawford has the dancing chops to be in "Footloose."

"I hope so, right? I got the part," Crawford said. "I hope they know I can dance. I don't know. It's a fun script, and actually stepping out of my shell and doing the dancing thing is probably the most exciting part."

But Crawford's fans will have to wait until the film comes out to get a sneak preview of Crawford's dancing abilities: He's not giving away any sneak peeks. "I have till March to get ready!," he said.