Adam Lambert Fans Make An Early Exit From 'American Idol' Finale

'I thought this was a singing competition,' one supporter was overheard saying as she left the Nokia Theatre.


A lot of Americans (well, "American Idol" fans, at least) are pretty shocked right about now, and it was no different inside the Nokia Theatre on Wednesday night. When Kris Allen's name was announced as the winner, there was thunderous applause, to be sure, but the cameras might not have captured the dumbfounded Adam Lambert fans that made up a good chunk of the crowd. Some of the ardent supporters couldn't even muster a little applause for Allen -- not because they have any personal vendetta against him, but because Lambert was all but crowned season-eight champ weeks ago, if not months ago, by most "Idol" watchers, making Kris' win all the more surprising.

And some of the Glamberts didn't take the results lightly. One woman, who had been waving a "My Doctor Says I Have Glambertitis" poster throughout the show, made her way to the exit immediately after the announcement (maybe she didn't want to hear "No Boundaries" again?), and she was followed by dozens of people. Did they want to get to the parking garage early, or were they mourning Lambert's loss? Well, one fan was heard venting on her way to the door: "I thought this was a singing competition."

But before the Kris and Adam fans were divided by the results, the crowd was one big, happy family, rocking out to Queen, squealing for Keith Urban and feeling the heat from Kiss' pyrotechnics-heavy performance with Adam. And it was hot -- the flames emerging from the stage could be felt from my near-back-row seat.

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Another moment that had the crowd screaming was the Black Eyed Peas' performance of "Boom Boom Pow." It was hard to tell if the "Idol" fans stayed on their feet because they were excited for the Peas or flabbergasted by the dancers in full bodysuits and Fergie's leather leotard -- or both.

Just like our experience at "Idol" on Tuesday night, there was another ear-covering incident. On Tuesday, it was eventual winner Kris' take on the coronation song that had a crowdmember wishing for a mute button. But on Wednesday, one little boy had enough of Rod Stewart's "Maggie May" and went for his earmuffs.

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