Audrina Patridge Looks Back On Prom: 'What Was I Wearing?!'

'If I could go back and change the dress and my hair I totally would,' the 'Hills' star says.

It's May — you know what that means. It's getting warm, the flowers are blooming and the time-honored tradition of prom is back again. So get your corsages, turn up the cheesy music and fuel the limos, because this week we're catching up with your favorite stars and helping them relive their prom memories.

When some people look back on their prom, they remember how awesome a time they had — but a lot of people also remember the horrible fashion choices they made. "Hills" star Audrina Patridge is one of those people. The Los Angeles area native admits that she did everything wrong one year when it came to her prom look.

"I went with my boyfriend at the time [and] with a group of friends. Now that I look at those pictures I'm like, 'What was I wearing?!' The hair, the dress!" she said. "It was kind of embarrassing."

She described the "embarrassing" dress for MTV News, saying, "It was coral pink and it was a high-waisted skirt and then it was a top, so it wasn't a full dress — and my hair was sticking up everywhere."

Of course, at the time Patridge thought she looked amazing, but in hindsight she wishes she could change it all. "At the time I thought it was great, but now I look back and I'm like, 'Wow!' If I could go back and change the dress and my hair I totally would," she said, adding that to make matters worse, "I was blonde too!"

We'll have lots more celebrity prom stories rolling out throughout the week (and check out even more celebrity prom coverage on the MTV Buzzworthy blog)!