'Gossip Girl' Star Taylor Momsen Says Rock And Roll 'Feeds My Soul'

Actress/singer is putting the finishing touches on an album with her band, Pretty Reckless.

It seems like everyone on "Gossip Girl" has caught the music bug. Leighton Meester has her upcoming solo album. Ed Westwick is in the Filthy Youth. Chace Crawford is about to get "Footloose." And the show's resident rocker grrrl is Little J herself, Taylor Momsen.

Momsen and her band the Pretty Reckless were recently signed to Interscope and are working on tracks for their new album, which Momsen tells MTV News is inspired by everyone from the Beatles to grunge bands like Soundgarden, Audioslave, Hole and Nirvana. And maybe a little Joan Jett. "I can keep going," she said about her influences. "It's really exciting, 'cause it's a vibe that's not necessarily filled right now."

Although the up-and-coming rock star, whose look is inspired by some of her favorite musicians, is only 16, she has quite an impressive amount of musical-history knowledge. "There's a couple [of women I look up to]. I have so many female idols," she said. "Debbie Harry I think is brilliant and Joan Jett and Cherie Currie did their thing. And I think Courtney Love worked it out in her time. But Debbie Harry by far is just brilliant."

Momsen is also completely hands-on when it comes to working on the music: "I write it all. I'm completely involved. You're hearing my life, so you're hearing my diaries. Have fun!"

Momsen has already written most of the songs for the album and is now "working on all the little details. But we're on tour right now with the Veronicas," she said, adding that her live show isn't exactly what people would think. "You're gonna get a little bit shellshocked. It's definitely not what people are going to expect. It's rock and roll."

While Meester is focusing on electro-pop, Momsen said she chose to make rock music because it felt the most authentic for her. "I love rock and roll, man. It feeds my soul," she said. "It's what fits me, and it's how I can express myself."

And what does Momsen think of her fellow "Gossip Girl" co-stars' music? "Well, it's very different. I haven't heard a ton of it, so I've heard only what you guys have heard online. It's great," she said. "Everyone does their thing."