Spencer Pratt To Asher Roth: 'You're Competing Against Me Now, Nerd'

'I believe my music is more convincing and relevant,' the 'Hills' star says.

[artist id="3123015"]Asher Roth[/artist] is not interested in any kind of rap beef with Spencer Pratt. Pratt isn't interested in a beef, either, because to him, Asher Roth isn't even on his level.

"The reason I mentioned Asher Roth is because he's an example of hip-hop moving even more mainstream — suburb rap, if you will," Spencer told MTV News. "I don't intend to start any beef; I'm just stating the facts. I mean, if Asher Roth can make it, why can't I?"

Pratt went on to say that his music — which includes the recently released "I'm a Celebrity" — has "substance." "For one, I believe my music is more convincing and relevant. I'm white, and to me he's garbage," he said. "That's why I'm a new rapper — I have substance."

Pratt acknowledges that in the game of rap, a little friendly competition can go a long way. "Hip-hop is a competition. The fact that he calls this 'beef' tells me he is not ready to compete," he said, adding, "What does he expect? This is now personal."

Calling Asher a "nerd," Spencer, who insists he's not in a feud, does remind Roth that "it's white boy against white boy." "There is no backing out now — you signed up for this. That's just that. You're competing against me now, nerd," he said. "Check me out. Look how I'm doin' then look at how you're doin'! Out with the old, in with the new."

While Pratt recently dubbed himself the white Jay-Z, he admitted to MTV News that his only real rap idol is Tupac, but stated, "I think the lane I'm going in is a new lane, different from anybody else," he said. "I can't compare myself to them."