Watch Exclusive New 'Brüno' Trailer Here

The new green-band preview delivers more Ron Paul, fewer R-rated jokes.

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Any question about whether Sacha Baron Cohen would experience a sophomore slump after the unexpected cultural phenomenon of 2006's "Borat" was blown away with a barrage of hilariously offensive footage in the first trailer for July's "Brüno." Now, MTV News is bringing you a second dose of the flamboyant Austrian fashion reporter with an exclusive new trailer. The trailer also debuts in a broadcast exclusive during the sneak-peak movie bonanza "Behind the Screen," airing on MTV on Sunday, May 24 at 11 p.m.

Like the previous red-band trailer, the approved-for-all-audiences preview starts off with Cohen as Brüno readying for Milan fashion week and then tumbling onto the runway during an Agatha Ruiz de la Prada show. From there he flees to America, where he adopts a child from Africa, joins some type of military training camp (accessorizing his uniform with a little help from Dolce & Gabbana) and goes hunting with a few gruff Southerners who don't share his enthusiasm for "Sex and the City."

You may notice that some of the racier stuff from the earlier version — the sex party scuffle, the adult-toy jousting, the S&M exhibition at a mall — is missing in the new trailer. But in its place are a bunch of fresh, funny scenes.

At a "Jerry Springer" style talk show called "Today With Richard Bey," Brüno explains that he obtained his adopted baby by trading away an iPod. You can imagine how that admission goes over with the audience. We also see him take his pants off during an interview with former presidential candidate Ron Paul, who promptly walks out. And at a self-defense class, Brüno asks an unsuspecting karate instructor, "How do you protect yourself from being attacked by homosexuals?"

"They probably would tackle from behind," the man replies.

"Brüno" hits theaters on July 10. After Cohen's crude Kazakhstani journalist in "Borat" managed to pull in almost $130 million at the box office, it's looking like his provocative Austrian is poised to do even better.

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