'American Idol' Fans Say It's Still A Close Race

While celebrities seem to be pulling for Adam Lambert, others say Kris Allen has a real chance at victory.

Although celebrities might be placing their bets on Adam Lambert to be hailed victorious during "American Idol"'s finale tonight, fans of the show are torn about whether or not Lambert will beat Kris Allen. There are many who are not counting Allen out yet.

"I think Kris Allen has a chance at winning ... I think he has a lot of the younger vote — the screaming-teenage-girls vote," Courtney Rhodes told MTV News. "They're kind of two completely different people, so it's kind of hard to compare them one-on-one. I truly think Kris Allen has a really good voice."

Like Rhodes, Britt Mitchell thinks that Allen can steal the Danny Gokey vote and beat Lambert. "He's so sincere and he has such great talent," she said. "I don't feel like it's a show or a character. He's really true to himself."

Other fans agreed with the Danny Gokey reasoning. Brad Pierce, who grew up not far from Allen in Arkansas, thinks that with Gokey gone, his fans will be voting for Allen. "I think Kris Allen has a good chance at winning, 'cause he's going to steal Danny's votes from all of the tweeners," he explained. "Adam Lambert's a little too musical for me — musical as in Broadway."

Lynne Chernosky is on Team Kris Allen and would love to see Kris take home the title, especially knowing how close the race is. "From what I've been hearing ... my personal opinion is that I think he has a great chance at winning," she said. "I think it's going to be extremely close with both Adam and Kris."

Then again there are those fans who think that Lambert's popularity is just too far-reaching for Allen to overcome tonight. "I think that Kris has kind of a chance, but I think that Adam is more popular with girls," Makayla McFall said. "So I'd say he'd probably do better and most likely win. I think he has more potential to do better. He's gonna do a lot better at promoting himself and stuff."

U.K. native John Bridge loves "American Idol" and thinks, like McFall and Gibson, that Lambert is poised to be America's next idol. "[Kris' chances are] not as good as Adam's chances. I'm a huge Adam fan. I think Adam is a fantastic performer. He really works the crowd," he said. "The difference between Kris and Adam is Adam gets into the soul of his songs and Kris is more the mainstream."

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