'American Idol' Season Eight's Most 'WTF?' Moments

From Paula's crayons to Kara's verbal slips, the show had its share of eyebrow-raising moments.

As the eighth go-round of "American Idol" has taught us, things both great and, well, not-so-great are bound to happen on the show that promises to find the country's most promising vocal talent.

Each episode offered standout performances (the top five of which we counted down), appearances by a wealth of judges from every musical genre (and Quentin Tarantino) and — as corny as it sounds — there was something to be said about tuning in every Tuesday night to see a group of young Americans share their passion for music (only to have one get the boot the night after).

But above all the heart-warmers, high notes and low blows, there was something else about this past season that's yet to be memorialized: the "WTF?" moments.

Perhaps it was throwing a new judge into the mix (see #2) or Paula's changed perspective (see #4), but this season offered up a wealth of moments that made us forget about the show's real premise.

The disco medley and Paula's gag gift to Simon also made our list — but who or what was our top "WTF?" moment of season eight? You'll have to check out the video to find out.

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