Kris Allen, Adam Lambert 'Feel The Love' Backstage At 'Idol' Finale

'That was the greatest experience so far,' Lambert says of final season-eight performance episode.

LOS ANGELES — On Tuesday night, during the final "American Idol" season-eight performance episode, Adam Lambert and Kris Allen bared their hearts and souls. Backstage, however, the two friends and finalists were insisting that they won't be exposing anything else.

"We don't get naked together," promised Adam, answering a provocative question from the press about the fact that the two heartthrobs used to be roommates. "Sorry!"

Just minutes after the duo rocked a packed house at the Nokia Theatre, however, they had little else to apologize for. "It's well-deserved," beamed judge Paula Abdul, discussing the ear-shattering applause of the night. "I'm so glad about this season."

"That was the greatest experience so far," Adam said. "Having [tens of thousands of] people — I've never performed for close to anywhere like that." Lambert was thrilled to be finishing things up only a short trip from his hometown of San Diego. "That was cool."

"It's nice to feel all the love," agreed his co-finalist, Allen.

Backstage, the talk mostly surrounded the duo's selected songs. "I think 'Mad World' is symbolic — it talks about people that don't feel [things are getting better]," Lambert said of his first song, which had him once again choosing the Gary Jules version over the Tears for Fears original. "And I think [Sam Cooke's] 'A Change Is Gonna Come' is also symbolic. Anybody who's been oppressed can relate to that song."

"For me, I think I did my best on 'Ain't No Sunshine,' " Kris Allen said of his cover of the 1971 Bill Withers classic, "because I had already done that song [on 'Idol' previously] and I had already rehearsed it."

"I think that 'Mad World' was a great opportunity to reinvent it," Adam said of his favorite song of the evening. "I changed the staging, the wardrobe. Even though it hit hard, it was still the same song. And 'A Change is Gonna Come' came as a surprise. I wouldn't have picked that for myself."

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