Kelly Clarkson Trusts 'Myself And My Gut' When Making An Album

She also defends 2007's My December: 'If people actually listen to it, you'd find that it's a very pop record.'

With [url id=""]Kelly Clarkson[/url]'s latest album, All I Ever Wanted, a hit with fans and critics alike, the singer admits that four albums into her career, she's happy that all her hard work is still paying off.

"I'm pretty proud of it," she told MTV News backstage at Z100's Zootopia concert in East Rutherford, New Jersey. "We worked really hard on it — really hard on it. So it's cool when it pays off. ... I don't ever want to do something I'm not proud of in 10 or 20 years. I want to make music I want to sing and I'm gonna be proud of."

Clarkson stays proud of the work she puts out by making sure she has a hand in every aspect of the album. "I don't listen to anyone on any records. I listen to myself and my gut," she said.

While she got some bad press for her previous album My December, Clarkson said she also had complete creative control over that project. "My December was no different than any other record," she said. "And if people actually listen to it, you'd find that it's a very pop record. It's made no different from any other record. There's 'Never Again,' which is the big pop anthem, and then there's the ballads like 'Sober.' It's very much my formula for every album."

She did get out of her element a bit for All I Ever Wanted, working with some new people and trying out a few different types of songs. Clarkson hooked up with Katy Perry for "I Do Not Hook Up" and OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder for "If I Can't Have You."

"It is about continuing with the formula, but that doesn't mean that you can't try something different," she said. " ... 'Ready' is different than anything I've ever done on an album. I've produced a song on the album. So we do definitely do different things on the albums, but the basic formula is variety. I never want to do the same song twice. I hate when people do that."