'Hills' Star Stephanie Pratt's 'Risque' Prom Dress Got Her In Trouble

'I was like, 'It's high fashion, people,' ' Spencer's sister recalls.

It's May — you know what that means. It's getting warm, the flowers are blooming and the time-honored tradition of prom is back again. So get your corsages, turn up the cheesy music and fuel the limos, because this week we're catching up with your favorite stars and helping them relive their favorite prom memories.

Some people remember the date they took to prom. Some people remember how awesome it was to spend the night with their friends. But for "Hills" star Stephanie Pratt, she remembers all the hot, brand-name fashions she wore to the big dance.

"I had really great prom memories, actually," Spencer's sister told MTV News. "One year, I wore an Imitation of Christ dress, this beautiful yellow dress."

But it was a dress she wore another year that caused a "Footloose"-style outrage among school officials at her high school.

"Another year, I wore, off the runway, this black dress that, like, went down to here, and it had laces, and it was right when low cuts were super popular," she said. "It was totally taped, but evidently it was too risqué. I was like, 'It's high fashion, people.' "

The TV star, who also has her own line of handbags, said it was in high school when her love for all things couture started: "I was always in love with fashion, but people didn't get me."

We'll have lots more celebrity prom stories rolling out throughout the week (and check out even more celebrity prom coverage on the MTV Buzzworthy blog)!