Blink-182 Talk Reunion, First Tour In More Than Four Years

'I think it's gonna be amazing,' Tom DeLonge says of the jaunt, which will include Weezer, Fall Out Boy and other acts.

On Thursday night in Hollywood, Blink-182 ended a four-and-a-half-year hiatus with a surprise performance at a T-Mobile party at Paramount Studios. And now that they're officially, 100 percent back, how would they rate the reunion so far?

"Awkward, weird ... a little standoffish. Me and Travis are on one side [of the studio], behind a brick wall, and Tom is outside the wall knocking," Blink's Mark Hoppus told MTV News at the event. "You ever seen that episode of 'The Odd Couple' where they drew the line down the middle of the room? Yeah, it's kind of like that."

"And there's a couple holes where we stick various parts of our bodies through," Tom DeLonge added. "It's really super strange and weird. But it rocks."

And judging by what we heard onstage Thursday night, it does, indeed, rock. So now that they've got one performance under the belt, what about Blink's much-hyped summer tour with Weezer, Fall Out Boy and a rotating list of huge acts (Taking Back Sunday, All-American Rejects, Panic at the Disco, Asher Roth and Chester French)? What can fans expect to see out on the road? Well, lots and lots of lasers, apparently.

"I think it's gonna be amazing. There are amazing bands, they're all big. When we started talking about doing the tour again ... we had all these options start popping up. It was really amazing to be able to end up on the bands we had," DeLonge said. "Usually when you go out on tour, there's a lot of negotiations as far as time and who can do what and when they can do it, or whatever ... I'm gonna be honest right now. The tour is gonna be good. Mark, after f---ing 17 years, might let me have lasers!"

"It's true," Hoppus laughed. "[Lasers] broke up our band at one point, and now it's lasers that are bringing us back together."