'American Idol' Fans Think It Was Danny Gokey's Time To Go

But there were a few Danny fans in Times Square: 'I seriously thought he was going to be in the top two.'

So, "American Idol" fans, how are you doing today? Still reeling from Wednesday's tension-filled results show, when previously untouchable Danny Gokey got the see-ya-later-sucka treatment from Ryan Seacrest? Pumped up that sleeper-turned-finalist Kris Allen will now battle it out with operatic rocker and longtime judge's darling Adam Lambert?

We here at MTV News have been bickering back and forth about the decision all day — which is why we decided to get some fresh Times Square air and a little perspective as well. Taking a camera with us, we hit the streets to find out what you had to say about Wednesday's elimination bombshell.

"It was ridiculous," said Jessica Facchiano, 18. "Because Gokey got eliminated. That's ridiculous. He was the best. He should have won."

Sandy Galow agreed: "Danny was my favorite. I thought he was going to win. I seriously thought he was going to be in the top two."

For the most part, though, people were delighted to see Gokes sent packing. "I am actually kind of happy about that, because his voice bothered me a little bit, and I was thinking if he were to win, I would not want to listen to a CD of his songs, because his voice was kind of annoying," Rosie S. said.

"I didn't like Danny," said John Lewis, 18. "I'm a big fan of Adam. He's talented. He's the only one in a couple years that I would even bother going to see. He's talented, he's funny, he's a nice guy, and he's upbeat and he's got an amazing voice."

While both Samantha Hahn, 24, and Sabrina Ford, 27, appreciate Danny's talent, they were levelheaded when it came to the Gokey heave-ho. "To be honest, I thought all three of them are really, really talented," Hahn said. "So I didn't know who was going to get eliminated. I love Danny. I think he's awesome and he's talented and I think, regardless, he's going to have a career. But I'm pretty happy with who was kept."

"I think it was fair," Ford said. "I'm a Danny fan, but Kris and Adam are really good too. So at this point, it was anybody's game."

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