Kris Allen's Friends, Fans Confident He Can Beat Adam Lambert

'American Idol' contestant's supporters breathe a sigh of relief as Allen makes it to the finale.

You could cut the tension in Conway, Arkansas, with a knife on Wednesday night. It seemed like the whole town was holding its collective breath, awaiting the results of Tuesday night's "American Idol" vote to see if their hometown hero, Kris Allen, would make it through to next week's finale.

"I was so shaken up yesterday, because I didn't know what was going to happen," said JP Davenport, one of Allen's closest friends. "We gathered in our living room to watch the results show, and we were on edge the whole hour." Going into Tuesday night's performances, Davenport said she and her friends were a bit concerned about her former college roommate's chances, considering the repeated disses he'd endured from the judges, especially Simon Cowell.

"But after the performances, we were all pretty confident, and we weren't as shocked as we were last week when he made it through," she said. "I had a feeling that he was really going to do this." Davenport said it helped that Allen was the first finalist waved through, which set off a collective bout of screaming and yelling in her house that nearly drowned out the announcement that Allen would be facing presumptive favorite Adam Lambert on Tuesday night.

"I'm pretty confident in what Kris has to bring next week, and it will be a good battle, but I think Kris will pull it out," she predicted. "He has some stuff up his sleeve, and I really think he will bring it home. Coming off of 'Heartless,' he's got new fans now who weren't fans all season. People are seeing that side of Kris and are interested now and want to see what he has next. A lot more people will be voting for Kris this week."

Allen, 23, has little time to celebrate, though. Right after learning he would be vying for the title, the singer went straight into a recording studio, where he toiled late into the night, his family told Davenport on Thursday morning (May 14).

Sonja Keith, one of the organizers of the weekly Kris Allen Watch Parties in Conway, said there was definitely an electricity in the air in the town of 50,000 on Wednesday. "I bet there are a lot of people in Conway who are tired this week," she said. "My computer and phone exploded with people calling and texting [as soon as the results were revealed], eager to get started on planning the party next week. I had a hard time getting to sleep last night."

While many fans expressed their support for Allen or Lambert in comments on our story about the results show, a number said they were conflicted. "I'm thrilled that the finale will be Adam and Kris," TwigLA wrote. "It's poetic justice in every way, and last night was my fairy-tale ending. (No pun intended) Kris is who I'll buy, and Adam is who I'd like to win. I won't be voting, since I like them both."

Elle wrote simply, "My vote goes to Kris if they can't have a tie."

Springtime expressed the kind of sentiment that just might help Allen cross the finish line: "Interestingly, Kris is the people's choice vs. Adam is the judges' choice. I voted for Danny before. Now, all my votes will go to Kris Allen for the finale."

And then there was Lovsness, who was not on the fence at all with the comment, "THANK YOU, GOD! I wanted Kris Allen so bad. He is remarkable."

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