Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag Welcome Kristin Cavallari To 'The Hills'

'There wouldn't be a 'Hills' if there wasn't a Kristin Cavallari,' Pratt says.

It was confirmed on Thursday (May 14) that Kristin Cavallari will be joining "The Hills" at the end of this season. Before the former "Laguna Beach" star broke the news to Entertainment Weekly, she already had supporters in the show's resident newlyweds, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt.

When MTV News caught up with Speidi at the Maxim Hot 100 party on Wednesday night, they said they couldn't be happier to have Cavallari join "The Hills" crew.

"There wouldn't be a 'Hills' if there wasn't a Kristin Cavallari, because the 'Laguna Beach' brand wouldn't have had the power," Spencer said. "We still love Lauren, we'd love to have you come back on the show. But hey, you were the calm, quiet girl trying to steal Kristin's boyfriend, the cool girl at the high school. So shout-out to the cool girl joining 'The Hills'!"

Heidi agreed, saying that having her matchmaker joining the "Hills" drama is certainly something she can look forward to. "We wouldn't be together if it weren't for Kristin. She introduced us," she said. "We love Kristin!"

Cavallari talked with EW about introducing the couple.

"It's so funny," she said. "I guess it was four years ago. I was dating Brody [Jenner] and Spencer was Brody's best friend. I had known Heidi when she was friends with Lauren when we were still filming 'Laguna Beach.' Heidi was like, 'Hook me up with someone. I wanna meet a guy.' And Brody and I were kinda like, 'Well, maybe Spencer? We'll see what happens.' So we all went on a double date, and they just hit it off right away and now they're married."