Game Predicts Kobe Bryant-Vs.-LeBron James NBA Finals

MC hopes Boston doesn't make it to the end: 'I really hate the Celtics because of what they did to my Lakers.'

Do you know which team the [artist id="1833864"]Game[/artist] really hates? Nope, not the G-Unit. He can't stand the green machine from Boston: the Celtics. Game, one of the Los Angeles Lakers' biggest fans, is still holding a grudge against Kevin Garnett and company after they beat the Lake Show last year in the NBA Finals.

"I think Boston is gonna pull that off," Game admitted. "And let me tell you: I hate the Celtics. I really hate the Celtics because of what they did to my Lakers. The Lakers and the Celtics, they got a rivalry that stems back to Magic and Bird. I think I always hated the Celtics. I know 'hate' is a strong word — that's why I picked that one for the Celtics."

Even with his sour feelings, Game is realistic. On Tuesday afternoon, he predicted the Celts would go on and win their second-round series against the Orlando Magic.

"I don't think Orlando is strong enough to get past them cats, even without KG," Game added. Garnett is injured and hasn't been able to play in the NBA postseason. "Paul Pierce, veteran. Ray Allen, you see what he did to the Bulls. They always find a way to squeeze it out. They went to game seven last year with the Atlanta Hawks and squeezed it out. Boston, they that team. Even without K, they still solid. They're crazy with it."

No matter who wins between the Magic and Celtics, Game expects LeBron James and the waiting Cleveland Cavilers to hand down a swift butt-kicking: "Cleveland might sweep Orlando. They'll definitely sweep the Celtics."

When it comes to the remaining Western Conference matchups, Game said the Lakers, who are up three games to two over the Houston Rockets, better close things out against their scrappy opponents.

"If the Lakers lose this series or the next series, everybody is gonna instantly say LeBron is better than Kobe," Game said. "For Kobe's sake, he better not lose no more games in the playoffs. Kobe is better than LeBron. LeBron even said it on ESPN: Kobe is the coldest."

When it comes to the Denver Nuggets' series against the Dallas Mavericks, Game has his bet on the Mile High City's squad. "Denver, I call them the Halloween team — they're scary," the Compton MC said. "Where did they come from? They had that team for a minute — Carmelo [Anthony], Kenyon Martin, Nenê — they wasn't even a factor. They was getting blown out."

That's before the big trade earlier this season of Allen Iverson going to the Detroit Pistons for Chauncey Billups. Billups turned into Denver's leader and has the team playing with fire.

"Chauncey is the man," Game said. "He was dicing [Jason] Kidd [the other night]. I would rather see the Mavericks [against the Lakers]. Denver is scary, man."

Game's money is on the Lakers vs. the Cavs in the Finals, with his hometown team winning it all.