Spencer Pratt Thinks Sister Stephanie Is A 'Star Trek' 'Poser'

'She ain't no Trekkie,' the 'Hills' star says of his younger sister.

Spencer Pratt isn't sure he's buying the claims made last week by his sister, Stephanie Pratt, who said that she wants to be schooled in the ways of the Trekkie. The eldest Pratt sibling doesn't think that Stephanie is being authentic.

"She's a poser," he told MTV News. "She ain't no Trekkie. I'm not a Trekkie either, and I'm not hating on Trekkies. I may be a Trekkie after I see J.J. Abrams work of art, but right now that's not the case."

Well, in Stephanie's defense she did say that she was hoping someone would help her become one, not that she is there quite yet. She Tweeted, "U guys — I really want to be a 'trekie,' " before correcting herself. "Woops! I mean 'trekkie' — thanks u guys! And yes I am so serious. I need a new hobby — When is the next convention and who is taking me???"

And although he admits to not being a Trekkie yet, since his sister is looking for someone to take her to a convention, Spencer has eagerly agreed to be her escort. "She's just trying to get invited," he said. "If Stephanie goes to a convention like the big one, Comic-Con — I'm going."

Since Spencer is sort of like Khan to Lauren Conrad's Captain Kirk, it seems like he would make a great Khan for the "Star Trek" sequel. But after that suggestion, Spencer had a warning for Trekkies everywhere: "You know what I think — I'm even badder than Khan," he said. "I think I'm more like Kaiser Söze [from 'The Usual Suspects'] level, so maybe I want to be Khan. So, cast me."

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