Justin Guarini Still Hopes To Be On 'New Moon' Soundtrack

'I'm just happy they are considering it,' the 'American Idol' alum says of his song, 'I Can't Live.'

Long before rumors emerged that Kelly Clarkson may have a song on the "New Moon" soundtrack, fellow "American Idol" alum and "From Justin to Kelly" co-star [artist id="1232527"]Justin Guarini[/artist] was launching a campaign to get his song "I Can't Live" on the album for "Twilight" sequel.

Believe it or not, Guarini insists that he's not just trying to bank on the success of the franchise. He says it's because he's a big "Twilight" fan. "I'm a fan of the books," Guarini told MTV News. "At the time I went in to write this song, the two other writers were talking about the books, and we got into a conversation about it. As we were writing it, we thought, there's a new movie coming out, and so why not give it a shot? And so, we sent it in."

Although Guarini's "New Moon" fate is still up in the air, he did say that the folks at the Chop Shop, the film's music supervisors, have told him they've given the song a listen and will let him know if he makes the cut as soon as the decision is made. Guarini said that's more than enough recognition for now. "I'm just happy they are considering it," said the TV Guide Channel host, who's currently working on his third full-length album. "It would be an honor to be on the soundtrack."

Guarini said that the response from Twilighters has been mixed, however. Some fans have been supportive, while others have been "dead set against it." "The reason why I posted the demo is because I really know that the 'Twilight' fans are really protective of the 'Twilight' brand," he said. "I really wanted to see what they had to say about the song, and I'm pleased and thankful that the response has been generally positive."

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