Game Collaborates With Rick Ross For 'Hip-Hop,' Not 50 Cent Disses

Plus: Philly hoops star Andre Iguodala gets pumped for games with Jay-Z and Joe Budden, in Mixtape Daily.

We couldn't go too many more Mixtape Daily installments without the Game checking in. We had a chance to chop it up with the Hurricane, after a record with him and Rick Ross hit the Net. He told us all about his and Ross' affiliation and this new album he's putting together. Also, millionaire hooper Andre Iguodala is a big fan of our "Hottest MCs" show and said we better mention a certain New Jersey lyricist on there. We'll, see A.I.

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Andre Iguodala, damn. We thought you would be rocking in the NBA Playoffs a little longer than this, but you always do your thing, son. The Philadelphia 76ers All-Star keeps hip-hop blasting in the locker room. Joe Budden's Mood Muzik II and III are two of his all-time favorites.

"I wasn't always a big fan of his," A.I. said of Joey Jumpoff. "But my man put me on to him. [Joe] is on his current events. It's like he watches CNN and hoops all day. He puts his metaphors and all that into his raps. It's crazy. Other than that, I'm a Jay-Z fan. So during the season, I'm rocking Hov, the latest Jay-Z, or I'm just rocking that Blueprint whenever I'm trying to get into that mode — when I feel like I'm in a slump and I feel like I need to get out of it."

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Don't you just love going daily? That's us being rhetorical. We already know. We know there are some questions you want answered that you don't feel like waiting a whole week for. The 1515 Boys got y'all. So earlier this week, a track leaked to the Net featuring the Game and Rick Ross. It was labeled "Cigar Music 2" by the blogs and was said to include a Nas verse in the future. One-third of the would-be collaboration, the Game, talked to Mixtape Daily about the leak earlier this week.

" 'Cigar Music 2?' " a surprised Game asked. He hadn't heard that the unfinished song had leaked and definitely was unaware of the reported title. "That's crazy. Nah. I don't even know. ... That joint was for something else. I don't even think Nas is on it. I think we was trying to get Nas on it. But it leaked?"

Game did confirm that he and Ross have been collaborating and even have a friendship. "Hey, man, me and Ross [working together], it ain't got nothing to do with me and 50," he said. "I ain't even on 50's head like that no more. You notice when [50] put his little dis song out, he left me out. You notice when 50 talks, he leaves me out of that sh--. I didn't pick no sides in the 50/ Rick Ross beef. I'm about hip-hop these days. Rick Ross is my n---a. 50 used to be my n---a."

Once again, the Compton native said he would be down to sit down and have a conversation with 50, but we all know that probably won't happen.

Game is working on his new LP, The R.E.D. Album, out in L.A., and he's already gotten down with Timbaland and Drumma Boy. The title of the LP signifies his re-dedication to rap (RE-Dedication) and is not trumpeting his Blood affiliation.

A few days ago, Game released an underground track called "Bang Along." "N---as like that, man," he boasted. "I threw that out as a little Frisbee."

There will be a whole slew of Game mixtapes this summer dropping before the official CD later this year.

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