Simon Cowell Admires Adam Lambert's 'Swagger'

'American Idol' judge tells Oprah his money is on the 'fearless' rocker.

It seems like every time Simon Cowell makes a talk-show appearance lately, he's been saying nothing but nice things about "American Idol" fan favorite Adam Lambert.

When he stopped by "The Oprah Winfrey Show" on Monday, he was asked who he'd bet has the best chance of winning, and once again he picked Lambert.

"I think he's got that 'it.' And I think he's fearless," he told Winfrey. "I think he's unique. And he's got swagger."

Cowell echoed that sentiment when he visited Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show last week. "If it was me, based on originality and worldwide appeal, I would say Adam [should win]," he said. "He's unique. I like the fact he's fearless. He's not playing it safe. A lot of the people that take part in these shows want to sing 'Wind Beneath My Wings' every week because it's a sappy song. He's got guts."

Although Cowell might not be surprised to see Lambert still in the competition, he is surprised that "Idol" is still on the air all these years later. Initially, he didn't have much faith that the show would last very long.

"If someone had said to me nine [seasons] ago we were going to have this conversation now ... I'd say it would never happen in a million years," he said on Winfrey's show. "The truth is that I did sign a contract for a period of time, which meant last year was my last year. I'd agreed at the end of that time period, that was it."

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