All-American Rejects To Tour With Reunited Blink-182?

'We will be going out with a nondescript band that is rumored to be reuniting,' frontman Tyson Ritter coyly says.

We're still not really clear if the long-rumored Blink-182/Weezer tour is happening or not, and now there's another band to add to the (so far) hypothetical bill: the [artist id="1231961"]All-American Rejects[/artist].

Or, at least, that's what AAR were hinting at when we spoke to them this past weekend at KIIS-FM's Wango Tango festival in Irvine, California.

"We will be going out with a nondescript band that is rumored to be reuniting ... that's about all we can say about that," Rejects frontman Tyson Ritter smiled. "But it's going to be a big deal, and everybody's going to be there, so, 'Hey,' in advance."

When we pressed him for more details about the mysterious reuniting band — like, you know, is it made up of three dudes named Mark, Tom and Travis — he played coy.

"There's at least three ... I think it's a ska band, so it might be 20. I don't know," he laughed. "It's not Sum-41. They're on hiatus."

Dang. So are the Rejects joining Blink and Weezer for a summer jaunt? Well, all three acts are signed to labels under the Universal Music Group umbrella, so it would make sense (a spokesperson for Blink's label, Interscope, could not be reached for comment by press time). And it would fill AAR's summer schedule, which became rather empty when a headlining slot on the long-running Honda Civic Tour fell through — a process Ritter was more than happy to fill us in on, in his own, uh, unique way.

"It was supposed to be the Honda Civic Tour. We were actually supposed to get a Honda Civic car ...[but] Old Man Civic calls me up and goes, 'Hey, I can't foot the bill.' I go, 'Click' — hung up on him. So, whatever, we're not doing that tour anymore. Gimme some Ford. Gimme some Chrysler," he laughed. "Maybe we can do a tour with Coffee-Mate, because everybody uses creamer."