Taking Back Sunday Get Sloppy In 'Sink Into Me' Video

Band debuts its latest incarnation by playing in some sticky, black sludge.

[artist id="1227998"]Taking Back Sunday's[/artist] "Sink Into Me" video is a mess.

Not of the "OMG, what were they thinking?!?" variety, mind you, but rather in the "icky, inky, sludgy, gooey, that's never gonna come out" sense.

Filmed deep in the heart of Brooklyn and featuring gallons of what can only be described as sticky, black sludge, "Sink" is the sloppy, exhilarating debut of the new Taking Back Sunday, in more ways than one. It's the first clip they've made since replacing departed guitarist Fred Mascherino with new axe-man Matt Fazzi, the debut of their new, big-and-hooky sound, and the first video from their new album, which, fittingly, is called New Again.

It seems like a pressure-packed situation, but when we went out to the set of the video last month, the guys didn't seem to be feeling the heat in the slightest. In fact, it looked like they were having an absolute blast.

Flailing around in the black goo — which, as frontman Adam Lazzara's hands, face and clothes can attest, turned a bizarre shade of purple when dry — sinking into the rigged stage and mugging for the camera, TBS really did appear to be new again. And Fazzi fit right in, joking with drummer Mark O'Connell that he looked extra purple, thanks in large part to his ultra-pale complexion.

For as fun as it looked to make, the "Sink Into Me" clip is just as fun to watch. Dig the trickle of black goo that slips down Lazzara's face — it's a subtle nod to the so-called "black oil" on "The X-Files." And the whole "sinking" thing seems to be a loving ode to the Strokes' underrated "You Only Live Once" video (which, in turn, is an ode to the infamous "Trash Compactor" scene from "Star Wars").

As for the song, well, TBS have always been known for penning insanely huge choruses (check [video id="80544"]"MakeDamnSure"[/video] for proof), but this time, they've applied that concept to an entire track. The result is a jarring, rocking fist-pumper — one that will most certainly go over like gangbusters with live audiences.

Let's just hope they don't shower the stage with black goo. That stuff stains.