Black Eyed Peas Rave About 'Super-Dope Mega' Wango Tango Show

Band also talk megamix EP, featuring 50 Cent and Gucci Mane.

The [artist id="30064"]Black Eyed Peas[/artist] headlined a bill that included Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson and the All-American Rejects, at Saturday's KIIS-FM's Wango Tango music festival at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Irvine, California.

"When you're from L.A. [playing Wango is great]," Will.I.Am told MTV News. "We're going to do a bunch of radio shows, but this one's special because were L.A.-ians, aliens."

With a little assistance from the only female Pea, Fergie, who corrected Will — reminding him that L.A. natives are known as Angelinos — he continued, "We're Angelinos so when you're growing up listening to KIIS on the radio ... that's, like, 'Wow.' You got the Grammys and you got like Wango Tango. It's an accomplishment to be picked. It's like super-dope mega."

The crowd loved it when the Peas played their single, "Boom Boom Pow," off their forthcoming album The E.N.D., but artists across the board are also feeling the song and working with the Peas on remixed versions.

"So the invasion of the 'Boom Boom Pow' megamix EP is important, 'cause when a song is played all over radio, you don't want DJs to not play songs," Will.I.Am said. "We have a Boys Noize remix we flipped it and put 50 [Cent] on it, and there's one with Gucci Mane on it, so people are collecting them like baseball cards. It's DJ tools just to rock the party."

Fellow Pea, Taboo, said that getting people like [artist id="860639"]50[/artist], [artist id="1938028"]Gucci Mane[/artist] and [artist id="1043"]Busta Rhymes[/artist] involved in the remixes has been very encouraging. "It's cool to see other artists get involved. Just the fact that they really want to be a part of the song is inspirational."