Taking Back Sunday Change It Up On New Again

'The music behind it is unlike anything we've ever done before,' frontman Adam Lazarra says of the first single, 'Sink Into Me.'

Fans who have heard "Sink Into Me" — the first single off [artist id="1227998"]Taking Back Sunday's[/artist] upcoming New Again album (due June 2) — have been abuzz about, well, just how different it sounds.

That, of course, was intentional.

"We wanted to put a new foot forward for the band ... to try to show people that we're expanding the music and we can do something different and it will work," guitarist Matt Fazzi told MTV News. "I just feel like every aspect of the band has taken a step forward. I think the chord turns and the song structures are just a little bit stronger and smarter. We've kind of collected this knowledge over time, just by writing songs, and I feel like we were able to put something together that was pretty unique ... it's kind of like we decided to wipe the slate clean and explore some different things."

And Fazzi was part of that slate-cleaning. He replaced much-admired guitarist Fred Mascherino — who left the band in 2007 to start a project of his own, the Color Fred — and immediately stepped into the process of writing New Again, an album that takes the tried-and-true TBS formula and turns it right on its ear. For better or worse.

"Is there any fear of alienating fans? I don't think so," Fazzi said. "I feel like we've established a nice middle ground for old Taking Back Sunday fans, plus I think we can win over some new ones."

And "Sink" is a pretty good indicator of where TBS is in 2009: big hooks, big drums and big choruses (plus big hand claps too). It's loud, proud and doesn't mess around ... which, again, was totally intentional.

"The music behind it is unlike anything we've ever done before. It's real upbeat and it's a song that when we start playing it live, will require a lot of crowd participation, which we're really looking forward to," frontman Adam Lazzarra said. "And the chorus ... we always try to open up in the chorus in the sense of the wider you open the doors, the more people you're gonna let in. It makes [artist id="1230523"]Kanye West[/artist] sound like 'Sesame Street,' and that always makes me happy."

We're not really sure what that means. Regardless, TBS are moving forward with a new sound, (another) new member and a new record that's probably gonna earn them a whole new fanbase. And might just alienate a few of their older fans too. It's gonna be an interesting ride, for sure.

"I feel like the people who have been along for the ride will definitely stick with us," Fazzi said. "And the growth of the band will allow us to take more people onboard the party bus."

"It's a fun bus to be on," Lazzarra laughed.