Rick Ross Defends Trick Daddy Lupus Lyric

'It is what it is,' Ross says of 'Valley of Death' line aimed at onetime friend.

[artist id="2000082"]Rick Ross[/artist] and [artist id="500937"]Trick Daddy[/artist] clearly aren't on the great terms they once were. Weeks ago, Trick told MTV News that he was disgusted that Ross would mention his name disparagingly in the song "Valley of Death" from Deeper Than Rap.

"Very first line he called Trick Daddy stupid/ Said he had AIDS, telling people it's lupus," Ross raps about a letter he received from a friend in prison.

"I think it's pretty much clear," Ross said recently in Miami about the line. "It is what it is. Like I say, I received a letter, and, you know, I feel like when it comes to a situation like this, I don't know, [Trick's health] situation. I didn't feed into it. It was a letter. It is what it is."

Trick told MTV News that Ross has known about his lupus for more than 12 years. On Wednesday morning, Trick reiterated his harsh feelings toward Ross when he called into Angela Yee's Shade 45 radio program.

"I'd like to apologize for my kid's misbehaving in class. ... I let Ross start eating table food too fast," Trick joked to Yee. "When you don't raise your kids, they will throw their hands up at you."

Ross admitted that him and Trick haven't been on the same page.

"Right now, I feel like over the last year, I got to see a lot of the people that was halfway down," the Bawse said when asked about the status of his and Trick's onetime friendship. "I'm finnin' to play it like we do in the streets. Everybody who I feel was halfway down, praying on the Bawse's downfall, I feel they gonna have to answer for that. I'mma most definitely address it. I'mma keep addressing it. That's why it's always best to be 100 from the jump. Be real from the jump. People I show respect to ain't got nothing to do with money and power and fame. I just keep it 100. It is what it is, and we gonna wait and see."

It seems like the root of the problems with Ross and Trick is the picture of a teenage Ross at a correctional officers graduation ceremony that popped up online last summer. It was rumored that Trick Daddy leaked the picture. Trick denied that rumor last year and blamed some members of the press.

"You know how the media go," Trick said last July. "I'm just surprised it comes from so many so-called professional people that they would even involve my name in that. I had nothing to do with that from day one. They don't need to make up lies like I leaked pictures or I'm beefing with Plies and Rick Ross. Definitely not Rick Ross — that's my homeboy."

"When the Trick Daddy speculation came up, I was on tour. I gave him a call," Ross said during an April BET special named after his album. "Gangster to gangster. I wanna check your temperature. I know Trick Daddy, if he did do it, he wouldn't tell me. ... He knows what would come of that. So, most definitely, he denied it. I respected it, cool."

Well, maybe the two can find a mediator ([artist id="1800901"]DJ Khaled[/artist]?) to sit down and resolve their issues. In the meantime, Trick is working on his LP Finally Famous, which is due this summer. Ross is still pushing Deeper Than Rap and working on a fourth solo LP. Rick Ross' latest video, "All I Really Want," debuted on MTV Jams on Thursday (May 7) and features The-Dream.