Lady Gaga Says Kanye West Saw Past Her 'Poker Face'

'It was, like, really exciting that he had so much insight into what the song was about,' she tells Mixtape Daily.

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During a recent video shoot, Lady Gaga looked more like something out of a punk-rock version of "Alice in Wonderland" than a woman who some are calling this year's M.I.A. — you know, the girl you wouldn't necessarily expect rap dudes to cling to but they're loving her and her music nonetheless.

While "Poker Face" isn't a record you'd expect to hear bumping in the 'hood, it's been pretty popular with some MCs. Chamillionaire made his own unofficial remix, while Kid Cudi, Common and Kanye West jacked Gaga's vocals from an acoustic version of "Poker Face" to make their posse cut.

Gaga hollered at us in Chelsea, Massachusetts, while filming the video for Wale's "Chillin'." She gave big-ups to Kanye and his fellas for their remix.

"It's funny, because a lot of my fans were like, 'Gaga, Kanye wrote a song ... and it's not about what your record's about. Your record is about gambling. And this song is about dirty sex things,' " she says.

Hold up, fans. You gotta go deeper into the meaning. Stef — that's right, we called her Stef — says Kanye broke her musical Da Vinci Code.

"I said to them, 'You're wrong. Kanye was right,' " she laughed. "That's exactly what this song is about. The record is about how I used to fantasize about women when I was with my boyfriend. It was, like, really exciting that he had so much insight into what the song was about. He's a cool guy."

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