Rick Ross Lied Outrageously To Shoot 'All I Really Want' In Colombia

Label, staff were very nervous about shooting in hometown of notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar.

[artist id="2000082"]Rick Ross[/artist] says he had to stretch the truth to get his record label on board to have staff and a film crew travel to Medellin, Colombia — a place with a violent history — recently to shoot his video for "All I Really Want."

"To be honest, everybody thought about their safety," Ross said of Def Jam and others' initial reaction to his idea of having Gil Green shoot the video in the hometown of the late, notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar. "Everybody got on laptops, Googled. First thing that came up was 'car bombs,' 'hostages,' this, that and all that. I told them, 'We got some good friends over there. It's a beautiful spot.' Even though I'm really gassing them [at that point], they rolled with me. They believed in my concept."

With the label on board, the Bawse had to convince his friend [artist id="2801312"]The-Dream[/artist], who sings the hook on the song (featured on Ross' recent chart-topping LP, Deeper Than Rap), to go along.

"We ran it by The-Dream, just like everybody else, [he] was thinking about safety," Ross recalled. "I kept telling them, 'We got national guard!' I was lying like a muthaf---a. 'We good everywhere we go!' I'm lying! But I seen The-Dream personally, we had a show together, I ran it by him. We had a real conversation, he's a real dude and he felt it. I told him, 'We gonna make history,' and I told him, 'We can check off a spot that I know is on your top three to go.' My number one is Africa."

Even with some prior trepidation, Ross said everyone was calm upon their actual travel.

"We touch down, we notice the workers that work on the plane, they pat them down before they even touch your luggage. I guess they're protecting luggage. We get into our vehicles and start commuting through the country. Within the first five minutes, I decide, 'This has to be one of the most beautiful places I've seen in my life.' The views! We up in the clouds, 4,000 feet coming down trails, overlooking hills."

Ross said on the set, he saw a mansion and infinity pool and said it looked like "ancient Rome."

The video for "All I Really Want" premieres on MTV Jams at 6 a.m. on Thursday. In it, you see all the partying you would imagine from a Ross and The-Dream video: Plenty of lovely ladies ("nothing but 12s," Ross said of the beauties), natives and even fire-breathing.