50 Cent, Dr. Dre Revamp Before I Self Destruct

G-Unit leader shelves most of his existing music in favor of the Doc's fresh beats.

NEW YORK — OK, now the lane is clear for

[artist id="860639"]50 Cent[/artist] to do his thing.

Fif has delayed his Before I Self Destruct LP a few times over the past year, but now, with Eminem's Relapse project in the can, G-Unit's human epicenter has been able to get more of Dr. Dre's attention and beats.

Last week, while in New York promoting his "Blood in the Sand" video game and taking a break from shooting his next film, "Twelve," Fif explained his refocusing on the album.

"I just got back from Detroit — prior to me starting 'Twelve' — [with] [artist id="502642"]Em[/artist] and [artist id="1061"]Dre[/artist] finishing up the record," he said. "It's clear for me now, creatively, 'cause we got Em completed. His album is mixed and mastered and ready to be presented to the public."

50 said going back in with Dre caused him to shelf most of his existing material in favor of working on new music. "It's about 30 percent of what I had when I felt like I was finished," he explained. "The production, Dre made a lot more of the music that's on the actual album now. I rewrote some concepts."

Fif said he changed his tune about some of his songs because they sat so long.

"To me, sometimes it would sound like I'm absolutely out my mind if I played you the music," he said, implying that he put some potential hit records on the back burner. "But it gets dated. I've been playing it for myself for so long, I'm no longer as excited as I was when I wrote it for the first time."

50 has not yet announced a new release date for Before I Self Destruct.