Trailer For Eminem's Homicidal '3 A.M.' Video Hits The Internet

The clip features images of blood-splattered walls and the MC running frantically through the woods.

[artist id="502642"]Eminem[/artist] just needs some time to think ... alone ... and apparently without clothes on. The trailer for his new "3 A.M." video hit the Net Thursday, and the Detroit rapper plays a psychotic, homicidal wild man on the loose.

As the trailer begins, we see a shot of a man that looks to be Em, sitting naked on a chair in an empty room. From there, we see images of a dead body on the floor and Em lying in a bed in a room with blood-splattered walls. Shortly after, we see a nurse walking down a hallway and flashes of chaotic scenes, such as a very in-shape Em running through the woods with a confused look on his face, neck covered in blood.

The images in the video were obviously inspired by the maniacal lyrics of the song, in which Slim Shady raps about everything from Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus to drinking blood.

"Wake up naked in McDonald's with/ Blood all over me /Dead bodies behind the counter, sh--/ Guess I must have blacked-out again/ Not again ... I wonder what's on the tube/ Maybe they'll show some boobs/ Surfing every channel/ Until I find "Hannah Montana"/ Then I reach for the aloe and lanolin."

"3 A.M." was directed by Syndrome and will debut on Cinemax on Saturday, May 2, at 10 p.m. right before the film, "The Strangers." "3 A.M." is the second release off of Relapse, in stores May 19.