Beyonce, Museum Get Pranked By Vienna Radio Station

Station had arranged private tour for Beyoncé impersonator 'to see how people reacted.'

Just a week after someone released a fake audio recording of Beyoncé that was supposed to be from a "Today" show appearance last year, an Austrian radio station pulled a stunt at B's expense by arranging a private tour of a Vienna museum for a woman they claimed was the singer.

Marketing manager Andrea Hilber at Kronehit radio confirmed that they had someone call the Albertina art museum to be Beyoncé's manager saying they were looking to schedule a private tour for the singer. (Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and Nicolas Cage have all received private tours at the museum in the past.)

The obviously fake [artist id="1236911"]Beyoncé[/artist] was photographed at the museum, and when news outlets around the world began to report that Beyoncé herself had apparently sent a replacement on the tour so that she could go shopping instead, the radio station finally stepped in to admit to planning the prank.

"We'll call the Albertina to say we meant no harm," Hilber said, according to Earth Times. "It was a great museum tour."

Kronehit said the intention of the prank was to "see how people reacted when they could get up close to her," the Guardian reported.

The folks at the Albertina seem to be taking the joke in stride, saying they suspected something was fishy all along. "Her face was extremely similar, but her body was totally different," museum spokesperson Verena Dahlitz told the Guardian. "We consider it an absolute cheek. We had a grain of doubt that it might have been her because she avoided eye contact with the director, and she acted a little bit strangely."

As for B, who told MTV News the fake "Today" show recording was "ridiculous," we hope she didn't mind calling attention to Vienna's diverse tourism attractions on her visit.