Aubrey O'Day Dishes About Her New TV Show

'It's a docu-soap about me,' former Danity Kane member tells MTV News.

On Wednesday (April 29), gossip blogs, including, reported that Aubrey O'Day would be taking over the "Shot at Love" dating-show franchise. But O'Day exclusively confirmed to MTV News that she is getting a show, it just has nothing to do with finding love.

"That sounds fun, right?" she joked. "There was originally some talk about me coming on 'A Shot at Love.' They were excited about me keeping with the network, and they thought I would be great for it since I'm America's favorite bisexual."

O'Day, who most recently reunited for an evening with her former Danity Kane members during Thursday's "Making the Band 4" season-three finale, didn't want to go down that path with her career. "I didn't feel it was the right fit for me, 'cause I'm an artist first. Although I have fun at events and stuff, it's not really at all who I am as an artist."

So what will O'Day's show be about? The singer says it will focus on her path to find career happiness. "I am doing my own reality show, and I'm co-executive-producing my own show," she said. "It's a docu-soap about me taking the stage again and of my own life."

O'Day is looking forward to hitting the small screen again but couldn't reveal too much about when and where we'll be seeing her. "The show is going to be amazing. The [stage] show they've created is unbelievable. I'm going to be singing, dancing and acting ... much different than [my time on Broadway in] 'Hairspray.' "