Rick Ross On Hitting #1 Again: 'I Knew All The Time'

MC's Deeper Than Rap debuted on top of the Billboard albums chart.

He's put out three albums, and all three have gone #1: The Miami native's Deeper Than Rap hit the top spot on the Billboard albums chart Wednesday (April 29). The MC told MTV News that despite all the controversy surrounding him over the past year, he never doubted he'd be successful, especially since he calls the project the album of his career.

"I knew all the time," he said. "You gotta really know somebody's integrity. You gotta know if you're dealing with a champion or not. When I say 'Bawse,' I put that infamous on it because I mean it. If I'm not a boss, I believe I am. I know where I came from and what I accomplished. In my book, I'm certified. That's what I love about the hip-hop game: It's competitive. I love when you stack the chips against me, 'cause when I hit those numbers, those odds are gonna be in my favor, so we gotta triple up."

Def Jam South head and longtime Ross associate [url id="http://newsroom.mtv.com/2009/04/28/dj-khaled-says-rick-ross-is-already-working-on-his-next-album/"]DJ Khaled actually congratulated Ross on his #1[/url] last week, before the results were in. "I'd like to congratulate Rick Ross in advance for the #1 album in the country," he told MTV News. "I don't need to know what he sold, I don't need the charts, I know it's the #1 album in the country! ... The streets did it! Congratulations, Rick Ross!"

Khaled also spilled the beans that his Miami friend is already working on Deeper Than Rap's follow-up. "I'm probably not supposed to tell you," Khaled joked while on the set of Ace Hood's "Overtime" video. Khaled worked closely with Ross on Deeper Than Rap, serving as the project's A&R exec, and hinted that fans can expect more of the same from Ross' next opus.