'The Hills' Without Lauren Conrad!? Fans React

Some want a Speidi takeover in season five; while others push for a Kristen Cavallari comeback.

When Lauren Conrad announced she'd be leaving "The Hills" at the end of this season, it left the fate of the show completely up in the air. Then, on Tuesday, MTV announced it would be bringing back "The Hills" for a fifth season this fall, sans LC but with all the other familiar faces as well as a few fresh ones.

Fans quickly reacted to the news, and some were still upset that Lauren is leaving. "I love Lauren," BoogaNose commented on MTVNews.com. "I just hope it keeps its spice and funkiness. Like, I hope the new cast won't be wack and dull."

Other readers welcomed the show's change with open arms. "What does Lauren even do on 'The Hills'?" Shea101490 asked. "All she does is talk to other people about what's going on in their lives. She never has a man. ... She's boring. Peace out to her. It's gonna be a Speidi takeover!!!"

While there were fans who weren't quite ready for a full-on takeover by newlyweds Heidi and Spencer, they do seem cool with the show still happening without its original star. "Of course, it will never be the same with Lauren, but I can see where she's coming from," Mrs.EverarianasEdwardCullen said. "She needs to put some more time into herself, especially if she wants to be a fashion designer. I will still watch the show, but I know to not have such high expectations as I did with the other seasons. We will miss you, Lauren!"

Smashley had a similar reaction, adding, "I'm really gonna miss Lauren. I'm not sure that the show will be the same without her, especially when it comes to the narrating part. I have to say even without her, I will still watch."

Others agreed that LC deserved to live her life away from the cameras. "Lauren is only the hottest girl on the show! So, yeah, it wont be the same, but she does need a break and time to herself," futuresuperstarDJ said. "Good for her! I might watch it. OK, I will watch it, but the remaining cast won't be enough and newer members won't be Lauren-esque. It's gonna be tough watching without LC."

There were fans who couldn't imagine how the show could center on anyone else. "Wow! I can't believe they are going to continue the show without Lauren," Princeofplano wrote. "I'm sure people will still watch, but I can't stand the thought of Heidi or Audrina running things."

Jruybalid had another idea: "Don't let Speidi take over please!! Kristen Cavallari comeback!!!!!!!!"

"Laguna Beach" alum Cavallari was suggested by some other "Hills" fans too. "I'm gonna miss LC," Kim said. "She was my favorite ever since 'Laguna,' but I hope Kristen comes in, and it can focus on her. I like her."